Thursday, May 22, 2008

10 Midwood: Promoting Exercise for All.

Greetings, fans of 10 Midwood Sucks. We are now going on day 6 of the building's elevator being condemned by the city. I understand that elevators in buildings are occasionally closed for maintenance - but letting the only elevator in the building fall into such a state of disrepair is dangerous to the tenants, neglectful and disrespectful.

I'm in shape enough to take the stairs each day without a problem, but a good number of tenants in 10 Midwood are elderly and a few are disabled. Seeing them struggle to climb the steps is very discouraging. I feel worst for the single mother who has to carry her disabled son and his wheel chair up and down six flights of steps every day...what a good woman.

Enjoy my rent checks while you can, slumlords. You only have one more left.

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