Thursday, May 22, 2008

10 Midwood: Peace Out.

After a year of living in 10 Midwood, my time here has finally (and thankfully) come to an end. Consequently, so has this blog. I think I've made my point that the building is a substandard place to live, and the fact that this blog is easily Google-able should make this information easy for prospective renters who want to find out more about 10 Midwood to discover.

I will no longer support this landlord and management company by paying rent here, and I am moving to another building in the area. I hope things change for the better for residents of 10 Midwood in the future.


The Truth


Jack said...

I heard about your blog from a friend in the neighborhood and thought I would create my own about my place around the corner. Like you, I had no where to vent my frustrations.

Visit my blog at;

Hope you are at a better place now.


flyingtofu said...

10 Midwood was sold to a new landlord in 2010, and today (early Sept. 2011)the lobby shines like the newly shaved and anointed head of a monk.

I write as one about to move in and leave this comment to assure my friends it is now an inviting place.

Adam said...
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aerobi said...

Wow, I lived at 10 Midwood Street back in the early 70's and was surprised to see how much worse the building has become. Although that doesn't surprise me because it was pretty bad back then too. At least there was little to no graffi and it was somewhat maintained but not too well. The whole experience for me in that building was not too good - what a pity because it had potential.