Wednesday, April 9, 2008

10 Midwood: Not Feelin' Hot Hot Hot.

So the "clean" elevator lasted for about three days. Apparantly, the walls of the elevator have become a sounding board for disgruntled tenants in the building. The issue this time is the lack of hot water throughout many apartments which has been going on for the last two days. I thought maybe it was just my apartment experiencing a cold spell, but apparently everyone is affected by either 1) the landlord's negligence and failure to fix the water heater in a timely manner or 2) the super's inability to identify and fix the problem in a reasonable amount of time.


amanda said...

10 Maple-- where I live-- is better, but not much. Same landlord, same shit. People do pee in the elevator constantly (Iwould rather they did it in the hallway, where the smell would have some room to spread out), which I have complained to the landlord about, and the lock is ALWAYS broken, which I have also complained to the landlord about, after some man was pounding on my door insisting that I come down to the lobby because "my friend" needed me. Since the lock is broken I felt that it made more sense for "my friend" to come on up instead of sending some random emissary for her. I told the gentleman that I would be down in just a minute and locked every lock on my door. Couldn't help but feel violated, though i have no idea what would have happened if I had actually gone downstairs. I think the same guy (Michael) owns 5 or 6 buildings around here. Question-- before you moved in did they paint all of the tiles in the bathroom so that everything looked white and clean and new, only problem being that once youstart showering in there all of the paint peels off and mold begins to grow underneath bubbling paint? I have a 15 month old son and I often wonder if I am doing him irreparable harm by bathing him in that mess-- the paint has just started to peel on the bathtub itself. Who paints tiles?

The Truth said...


I'm sorry to hear that your situation is comparable to this one. When I moved in, everything in my studio was renovated and looked fine. About 3 months in, a lot of the tile grout started coming off my shower. Every weekend I have to vacuum a ton of cement dust off my bathroom floor. Whoever did the renovation did a "make it look good quick" job - but it wasn't meant to last.

Broken locks are a constant problem here - it's the tenants who are the source of the problem but the landlord catalyzes it by not fixing people's intercoms and buzzers. I constantly find paper or pennies or other things jammed into the lock mechanism to keep the door open because people don't want to leave their apartments in order to let their friends/family who don't have a key into the building.

The Truth said...

Amanda -

When you call, how long does the management company stay on the line before they try to hang up on you?