Sunday, April 6, 2008

10 Midwood: Finally Being Renovated At Last.

Hello Everyone,

I realize it's been quite a while since I last posted. There have been a few reasons for not posting which I will not discuss at this time - but I am coming back up from the depths of 10 Midwood in order to share some wonderful news with you - 10 Midwood is being renovated!

Unfortunately, I think 1o Midwood is being renovated by the pack of teenage gentlemen (most of which do not live in the building) who hang out in the lobby at all hours of the night. Although I have no evidence to prove my theory, I don't see what actual residents of the building stand to gain from turning their home into a disgraceful shambles.

Let's check out the recent handiwork, shall we?


The most recent renovation is the removal of the bolts which hold the front door hinges on. Aside from making opening the front door a challenge because the damn door practically falls off when one tries to leave, it poses a significant security risk, as many people do not close it behind them after leaving paradise.


For two weeks, the elevator was covered in graffiti from various sources. Most of the graffiti alluded to one of the apartments being a crack house (this is probably not true), though the most prominent examples of elevator graffiti can be attributed to the person who went nuts with a Sharpe and explained their view of the situation across all the walls. The Sharpe Shakespeare went as far as to pen a death threat. BEHOLD!

Someone (I hope the super) tried to paint over it. Their heart was in the right place, but the execution is laughable. The paint color doesn't match, and the elevator now looks like a 2nd grader's book report with some white-out on it.

I don't know when I may post again - stay well until then. If you find the blog amusing, good. If you find it informative and helpful in making decisions with apartment hunting, wonderful. If you don't like it...don't read it.

The Truth

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james said...

I personally think your full of shit,sorry for being blunt,bc of 2 things firstly i can probably guess how much your paying for your apt bc i did live on beekman pl from the same mangemnet,and A i dont know what you were thikin getting an apt for cheap and thinking it would be park slope,you want park slope go tp park slope and pay double.and B if it was really that bad big guy you would have left by now,and i know the managment would not give you a hard time for breaking the lease bc i broke mine,and a friend of mine broke thairs with no the fact that your there shows it aint that bad.allsowhat do u gain by this blog were here trying to change the nieborhood and this defently aint helping,if it really botherd you,you would help change the place instead of turning people off the hood,whene its not reall that bad.

Thank you